The 23 Biggest Slackers In Science Fiction

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Our promiscuous, body-swapping descendants will hit the skids in the third book in John Varley's Steel Beach trilogy — if he ever gets around to finishing it. Varley's Irontown Blues is one of the most long overdue books in science fiction according to SF Signal. Varley told Locus the book would be a futuristic detective story, and things would be "looking kind of bad for the human race" by the end of it. Other authors who should crank out those delayed works, according to SF Signal.


Arthur C. Clarke has three long-awaited books on the list, including the intriguingly titled Mars Brat. But the king of announced-but-not-released novels is Jerry Pournelle, who has a whopping six books on the list including the Spartan Hegemony. To be fair, three of those are collaborations with Larry Niven, who's also keeping us waiting for the collaborator-free Ghost Ships. Harlan Ellison has two books on the list, but does anybody really care about him any more?

The Most Eagerly Awaited And Long Overdue SF Books [SF Signal]



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