The 2014 Olympics Need Running Man Deathmatches

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Burnt out by biathlon? Curling leaving you churlish? Never fear, io9 is here to navigate you through TV's Olympian doldrums. This week's line-up: new Lost and Caprica and everyone's favorite dystopian sport: Running Man!


MONDAY - 2/22/10
Syfy brings us a Tales of the Darkside marathon from 8 AM-11 AM, every Caprica episode aired thus far from 11 AM-4PM, and two new episodes of the anime series Monster at 10 and 10:30 PM. Part 2 of Discovery's King Tut Unwrapped documentary debuts at 8 PM (Part 1 reruns at 10 PM). Signs (Starz, 10:30 PM) and Watchmen (HBO 2, Midnight) round out the evening movies.

Winner Of The Day: A double dose of Futurama from 9:30-10:30 PM on Comedy Central. The first episode is "Future Stock" (Fry befriends an unfrozen 1980s Gordon Gecko type), and the second is the classic "Where No Fan Has Gone Before." WELSHYYYYYYY!

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TUESDAY - 2/23/10
New Lost at 9 PM! What's Claire been up to? Will Sawyer listen to the whole Iggy Pop discography? Will Flocke turn into a polar bear? Tune in!

There's a rerun of the NOVA episode "Megabeasts' Sudden Death" (PBS, 8:00 PM), Spiderman 3 (FX, 8 PM), and Alien Nation (Fox Movie Channel, 8 PM). My verdict? If you ain't a Lostie, get your Caan on. Mature adults can check out Alien Sex Files 3: She Alien (Cinemax, 12 PM), a film that inspired this IMDB reviewer's encomium:

Just watched this on Cinemax. Lots of skin and is very raw. A bit more than the standard soft core you see on late night cable. The women are stunning, not the tatted up stripper kind that seem to be in more and more of the Hollywood soft core flicks. Enough nudity and sex to please even the most ardent skin flick fan.

Cop-out Of The Day: Syfy's offers up Total Recall and Predator (7:30 PM & 11 PM), but watching censored versions of either flick is like eating a banana with the peel on.

WEDNESDAY - 2/24/10
Slim pickings tonight. Encore delivers a solid Schwarzenegger doubleheader with Conan The Barbarian (8 PM) and Running Man (10:30 PM). What is best in life? The governor of California in spandex, battling homicidal hockey players.

THURSDAY - 2/25/10
Reruns of the CW's Vampire Diaries 8 PM, "Bloodlines") and Supernatural (9 PM, "Sam Interrupted), a ST:TNG marathon (SyFy, 7-11 PM), and last week's episode of Caprica ("Gravedancing," SyFy, 11 PM) are the highlights of the day. Also, if you have Showtime Extreme, check out the LL Cool J remake of Rollerball at 10 PM. It's not unlike watching the ice-skating battle from Batman and Robin for 90 minutes.


FRIDAY - 2/26/10
New Batman: Brave and the Bold ("Chill of the Night," Cartoon Network, 7:30 PM) Smallville on CW at 8 PM...

...and Caprica ("There Is Another Sky," SyFy, 9 PM). Quentin Tarantino also guests on Craig Ferguson (CBS, 12:37 AM).


SATURDAY - 1/27/10
FX is running a marathon of this season's Human Target episodes from 2-8 PM, Hellboy 2 runs on HBO 2 at 3:30 PM, and Barton Fink is on Fox Movie Channel at 2:00 AM Sunday morning. Come back from your Saturday night bacchanalia and fall asleep to the dulcet barks of John Goodman.

SUNDAY - 1/28/10
AMC is running some serious high-gloss, crap-execution cinema with Escape from L.A. (3 PM), The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (8 PM), and Tomb Raider 2 (10:30). There's also a Stephen King marathon on SyFy from 9 AM-1 AM (The Langoliers, The Tommyknockers, all 8 hours of The Stand).


That's all for now, io9ers. Tune in next week!

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had a conversation on Friday about the lack of giving a shit about the Olympics...

we thought that the addition of guns to as many events as possible would be a good idea...

my personal favourite is the SkeetJump

it's regular Ski Jumping but as soon as the jumper crosses the edge of the jump it triggers a skeet firing device...

the jumper has to shoot the skeet and then stick the landing...I'd watch that...