The 12 Best Nerdy Moments From All Five Seasons of Key and Peele

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Brilliant Comedy Central show Key and Peele debuted in 2012, and it ends tonight (sniffle). Over the past five seasons, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele have hinted at their not-so-secret geeky leanings on several occasions. Here, we compile our favorite nerdy moments from the show.


1) “Dungeons & Dragons & Bitches”

A Dungeon Master lets his cousin join the game, only to see immediate havoc wreaked by the Alizé-sipping, rule-bending “Kanye the Giant.”

2) “Alien Imposters”

Two survivors of an alien invasion learn all too quickly how to tell who is human and who is actually an extraterrestrial. “What’s your name?” “Emily!” “Of course it is.”

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3) “Inner-City Wizard School”

A hard-hitting documentary about the Vincent Clortho Public School for Wizards, which “has the highest incidence of wizard-on-wizard violence in America.” It’s also rife with dime bags of pixie dust, and some members of the Quidditch team must make do riding Swiffers. (You can watch the sketch here.)

4) “The Batmans”

The excitable, fond-of-pluralizing-everything valets—two of Key and Peele’s most endearing recurring characters—pass the time between customers by wondering why would you mess with the Batmans?

5) “Game of Thrones Recap”

In addition to loving Liam Neeson(s), the valets are also passionate Game of Thrones fans. (That said, whatever you do, DO NOT invite these two to hang with the “no spoilers” crew from this sketch.)

6) “Gangsta Standoff”

A pair of tough guys are about to take each other down... when they realize they both share a love for a certain YA vampire romance series. Though they can’t quite put their differences aside, they form a special bond over their support of Team Edward.

7) “Stan Lee’s Superhero Pitch”

The legendary Stan Lee crashes a meeting of initially thrilled Marvel staffers to pitch a slate of new characters with dubiously desirable and oddly Stan Lee-specific powers.

8) “High on Poteneuse”

Awkwardness ensues when a student accidentally steals his neighbor’s crowd-pleasing math-class joke. “Et tu, nerdy girl?”

9) “Power Falcons”

Amid a battle against a giant robot foe, the Green Falcon finally loses his temper when his multi-colored squadron can’t stop referring to him as “Black Falcon.”

10) Cosmos Spoof

We already shared our love for this sketch when it aired last week, but... “well, actually” ...these nuggets of spot-on Neil deGrasse Tyson parody will clearly never get old.

11) “Gremlins 2 Brainstorm”

Another sketch we recently shared, but this is pure gold. “You do not have a high IQ, but you haphazardly came up with a Gremlin that’s just made out of bolts and it’s zig-zaggin’ all over the room and it’s done completely with animation ... you a crazy person, AND YOUR IDEA’S IN THE MOVIE!”

12) “Sexy Vampires”

A brand-new creature of the night is more interested in “future cars” than decadence and leather pants, to the annoyance of the head vampire.



A fine list. However, I’d replace “Gangsta Standoff” with “Dueling Magical Negroes”.