The 100's Creator Jason Rothenberg Promises That the Series Finale Will Be Explosive

Clarke preparing to mess some people up.
Clarke preparing to mess some people up.
Screenshot: The CW

The 100, a very unimaginatively-named show that has featured so many murders and a journey into a butthole, is coming to an end with its series finale tonight. In a new video detailing what’s to come, the show’s creator Jason Rosenberg insists that The 100's getting the ending he always wanted for its heroes and villains, and longtime fans should expect “The Last War” to blow them away.


Though everyone’s going to have a moment to shine in The 100's finale episode, Rosenberg took care to mention in the last sneak peek video that Clarke, in particular, will be on a spectacular warpath in response to Madi suffering a devastating stroke that’s left her immobilized.

But even though “The Last War” will close out this particular chapter of The 100's seven-season-long story, there’s a possibility for the franchise to continue in an as-of-yet un-greenlit prequel series set almost 100 years before the events of the core series. In a recent interview with CBR, Rosenberg said that while nothing’s been set in stone, he believes that the CW is still mulling over the idea of moving forward with a prequel, and if that’s the case, then “The Last War” might end up being a big factor in the network’s decision.

Tonight might not be the last time viewers get pulled into this space opera, but even if there’s no prequel to come, The 100's going to do its damndest to have a satisfying final episode.

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io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.


I’ll need to revisit my thoughts on this season tomorrow morning. I am pretty sure Rothenberg knew this was the end before filming started, so I hope it’s a satisfying conclusion. Right now it feels like they spent too much time exploring a new story and now there’s not enough time to give closure to the series as a whole.