I'm not really sure what to say about last night's 100. A lot of really bad decisions were made, that's for sure. And then everyone got really, really stoned. Spoilers ahead.

I'm going to be brief because I don't feel like there's a lot for me to say about an episode where all the kitten children get stoned because of some berries they ate. It wasn't particularly interesting, and it wasn't particularly bad.


This scene was probably my favorite part:

Mostly because this kid went "mmmmmMMMMM." And that is probably the most accurate portrayal of being stoned on television in the future post-apocalyptic world. We don't even know if that was an actor or just some stoned kid who wandered on set, that's how good he was. Emmy for you, broom boy.


Also, we got a teeny tiny amount of time with Jasper and "Other Non-Main Character." And I came to realize that we need more time with these two. Jasper and friends are probably the most accurate representation of what would happen if you dumped a bunch of kitten children into the wilderness and said, "Deal."

But alas, this episode wasn't all hijinks with Jasper and stoned people. No, Bellamy and Clarke had to take it and ruin it, like they do with everything. They go off in the wilderness to find supplies and find guns. On the way there, they trip balls and Clarke has a full-on conversation with her imaginary dead dad. And as far as conversations go with drug-visions of dead people, this was pretty productive. And terrible. Please never do this again—it was awful. During Bellamy's drug dream, he was attacked by the 300 people he inadvertently killed by fucking with the transmitters or whatever, and the Chancellor. Bellamy felt bad, which is a good thing because here I thought he was just a bad idea rage machine. Turns out he has feelings, thank god for these random berries that can help illustrate a character's remorse for being responsible for the death of hundreds of people. That's a tough one!

Then OF COURSE Bellamy's visions tell him he can't suicide himself from guilt; he has to keep living because "he owes them that." Fuck, these visions are really, really helpful for character and plot development. Thank you, drug fever dream characters, YA TERRIBLE.


After the drugs took hold and everyone was done doing their best "I'm stoned" act, Bellamy and Clarke brought a bunch of guns back to the camp to hand out to the children. Good idea, gang!

What else? Oh, Octavia freed the Groundling during The 100's recreation of Post-Apocalyptic Fear and Loathing and they totally made out. Go team Groundling.


Also, it looks like it's curtains for Raven and her boyfriend Pretty, because they totally had that weird sex where both partners are secretly thinking, "This is OK. Is it over? I think it's over....oh no, wait, we're not done, hurry up, I have to ow ow you're on my hair. OK we're done."

Which is totally the kind of calm and collected "this isn't working" sex you have as a teenager. Not "HOLY SHIT I'M HAVING SEX! THIS IS SEX! SEX IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! SEX! ARE WE TOO LOUD? I DON'T KNOW. STOP SMILING, THIS IS WEIRD. SEX! MY FACE IS REALLY HOT. DO THEY KNOW MY FACE IS HOT? IS IT TOO HOT?"

But whatever. Also, where did they get that gigantic fur blanket from? Did they kill four bears and not tell anyone? These crazy kids.


Most importantly, I think Bellamy and Clarke are going to smooch. And I'm OK with that now that he has been 100% redeemed. Plus, he's hot and looks like La Bamba. I would be into it. Until next week, when we meet the leader of the Groundlings and her really great Mad Max makeup (I am not kidding; I am so into this).