Over the last 10 years, io9 has written tens of thousands of articles, and been read by tens of millions of people. While we’d love to thank all our readers by name, we’d need to take the entirety of 2018 to track you all down, which probably isn’t time-effective. So we thought we’d focus on the posts. Here are our 100 most-read articles of the last 10 years, broken down by each year!

A few notes before we begin: 1) Each section begins with that year’s most popular article, and ends with the 10th most-read. 2) These are meant to be most-read posts during each year, but we used to occasionally republish older articles years later, so some dates may look funky, but we’re only counting the year they were first published. 3) Some of the videos, links, and other elements in these older posts may have died since we wrote about them (like the most popular post of 2008). It happens.

But all that said, we feel looking back at what io9 was writing and how it was writing is a pretty neat time capsule, not just of the site, but of the years themselves. We hope you enjoy!











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