The 100 Makes An "Arrow To The Knee" Joke

I don't have much to say about this week's 100. What could I say? I mean, really?


At the start of the new episode, we meet this guy:

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And just like all new faces on this series, he is shot with an arrow immediately. The surprise twist for this new guy was that HE LIVED all the way until the end of the episode. Which is... impressive.

Honestly, this was an OK episode that I don't have a lot to say about. It will exist in time forever as an episode of television. It wasn't good; it wasn't bad. It's just shadows on the screen. Here are my brief thoughts:

  • Octavia is called a Grounder Pounder, which is fresh new teen slang for, "slept with the guy with super shredded abs." Can you blame her, anyone on this post-apocalyptic planet? No, you cannot. But apparently you can find the time to come up with timely new slang. Like Grounder Pounder. This is very impressive as there is literally one person who has had sex from the Ark with a Grounder. So I feel like making a fun term to associate with those who have had sex with Grounders is excessive, but I'll allow it.
  • Clarke killed the big warrior Grounder who killed a lot of other people. The message here is that the Grounders are clearly terrible warriors.
  • Clarke is evil now.
  • Raven and Bellamy smooch. It was very clinical. I did like that Raven said she didn't feel better IMMEDIATELY after the sex. Oh La Bamba, when will you get a break with the ladies?
  • We're supposed to believe that the Grounders killed Finn. I do not believe this.
  • Murphy is up to no good.
  • Everyone that you knew on the Ark is still alive. So that's good news.

The end. Let's hope next week something more happens because I'm starting to lose my 100 steam.


I have decided that Clark is the strongest person ever to be written into a TV script. She is totally rounded (not a cleavage joke but, yeah) in that she is totally the Mother of All Souls, gives her heart in passion and commitment, takes time with kids, and will always do what needs to be done without flinching. Always. Mercy killing? "I'll do it." Calm, direct, unhesitating, compassionate. Got a throwback warrior to get past? Quick blade to the jugular and long seconds of "Shh. Shh." while staring with an unwavering gaze into the fading soul of her victim. I'm sorry, but if I were stranded on a post-apocalyptic planet I would want Clark next to me. Maybe a little in front of me.