The 100 Greatest Movie Spaceships Of All Time

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Maybe you want to argue over which ship could kick another ship's ass, or maybe you just want to ogle lots and lots of pretty spaceship pictures. Either way, you need to check out Jordan Hoffman's 100 greatest spaceships list.


Hoffman always impresses me with his nerdly knowhow, so it's no surprise that his list of the 100 best starships over at UGO includes crowdpleasers as well as some ships you forgot you loved.

See if you can guess what the top ten are before clicking!

Check out the list via UGO


This is not the commentor you were looking for...

The Event Horizon should've been massively higher up on the list, especially higher up than ships that are shown for little more than a few frames. I mean, come on, it's a ship that breaks into the Warp without the benefit of a Geller Field! And brings stuff back with it!

His Dune Heighliner one is wrong. That's not the Atreides frigate. That's the Emperor's Palace on its way down to Arrakis. Those other ships are holding the combined armies of the other Great Houses.

And no mention of the Titan from Titan A.E.?