The 100 Continues To Kill Off Small Children

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This episode of The 100 was called "Murphy's Law," which is an adage that means anything that can go wrong will go wrong, which makes sense because a lot of really bad things happen in this episode to a guy named Murphy... I'll just pause to let that sink in... But if I had to pick a motto for The 100 it would be "Kill all children all the time!" Spoilers ahead!


This week's episode felt less like an episode and more like a "we need to get these chores done before you can have dinner" moment, which is fine. Right away, Bellamy's rat-faced Number Two, Murphy, was almost hanged, which was pretty terrible. I know these kids are "convicts," but being a convict on the Ark isn't that hard. All you have to do is break a rule or wear a non-bedraggled sweater and boom, imprisonment. Clarke flips out when she finds the knife that killed Wells, and accuses Murphy of murder. The kids rally super fast around this idea and the next thing you know, it's all MURDER MURDER MURDER MURDER. It was very...


This is all kind of hard to believe, but when you couple it with the fact that Murphy has been denying people water and peeing on others, I guess that helps build some of the tension. Of course, little murderess Charlotte pipes up and admits to killing Wells.

No one really wants to murder Charlotte, thank god, but Murphy wasn't just cast as the villain for no reason, so he demands tiny child blood. Because villain stuff.

Clarke and Handsome Unavailable Boy head off into the woods to protect Charlotte. The best part of the whole show is when Charlotte tries to hold Clarke's hand and Clarke is all "FUCK YOU NO." I'm on team Charlotte for this one, people. Of course Handsome Unavailable Boy is falling all over himself to lecture Clarke about compassion, but let's not forget Charlotte put a knife in someone's neck. She thought about it, and decided the best plan of action was to insert a knife into Wells' throat to end his life and her nightmares. It was premeditated. My vote? Go all Walking Dead on her. Evil kids are evil kids and they should be gently disposed of. So look at the flower, Charlotte.

Clarke and Unavailables hide in a super convenient bomb shelter that was clearly created for future teenage humping. But not yet, not just yet, that's for later. They hang out until the big showdown. Charlotte bolts and Murphy corners her against a cliff. And immediately we know that someone is going off that cliff. Turns out, it's Charlotte. Child murder problem solved.

After Charlotte kills herself due to the drama, the kids realize that some rules are better than no rules. And instead of executing each other, banishment should be the big punishment. So they banish Murphy, likely to be seen in 4 or 5 episodes (give or take) down the road looking for revenge (no doubt).


Meanwhile, back on the Ark, we're learning about New Religions!

Illustration for article titled emThe 100/em Continues To Kill Off Small Children

Turns out the Ark's Number Two used to be the "tender to the tree" with his mother, the leader of some crazy new age religion about Earth and Ground People. I absolutely loved the "giving thanks" portion of this ceremony where people offered their water to the tree. This also makes me question, why aren't there more trees in this space station? They are natural oxygen makers and can be used for food (among many other things). Feels like there should be a bit more green, or maybe it's all used up. Who knows?

The Ark story introduced a new character who immediately backstabs Clarke's mom Abby and her mechanic friend Raven. Long story short, Abby is in prison for trading morphine for a part to finish their escape pod, which doesn't work anyway. This means that Raven has to wear a space suit down to Earth, which makes me ask, why not just do that anyway? Probably because Abby would be doomed if she stayed on board, because they would have noticed a jettisoned escape pod, I guess.


And that's where it ends, with Raven on the ground and Charlotte also in the ground (figuratively). How long until Raven finds out that Clarke had the sexy times with her boyfriend Unavailable Boy? My guess, 5 earth minutes. Looking forward to MOAR DEATH next week.

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Flaw in the story is obvious. The bracelets. If they are powerful enough tranceivers to let the folks up in the station monitor their vital signs they may as well have built in voice transmission capabilities. I mean dammit Samsung and apple are making smartphone wristwatches as we speak and people in the future cannot manage this?