Earlier this week, DC announced a new comic titled Superman & Wonder Woman. On one hand, cool, it's the first time Wonder Woman has headlined a comic beyond her solo title in forever. On the other hand, it appears the comic will be all about WW being Supes' girlfriend and them having superheroic sex.

Here's the tweets from Superman & Wonder Woman's upcoming writer, Charles Soule, which started this mess:

(Apologies for the screencaps, but Soule has since deleted his Twitter account. Go figure. EDIT: I don't know why his account didn't come up for me, but here it is and it's still active. My apologies!)

While I'm pretty confident the comic won't have Wonder Woman sitting at home cooking dinner while Superman goes off to fight the bad guys, I can see how it would be problematic to define pop culture's pre-eminent feminist icon as Superman's Girlfriend, Wonder Woman.
And I think we can all agree that based on past examples, the chances of DC handling their sex life with any kind of sensitivity are slim at best.


You know, DC should just follow their bliss, make the comic X-rated, and rename it World's Finest Fuckbuddies.

[Via DC Women Kicking Ass]