That's No Lightning. It's A Love Letter!

Illustration for article titled That's No Lightning. It's A Love Letter!

But it'll take all of us to decipher it, flying in formation. The array on the mothership alone isn't powerful enough or sensitive enough to pick up all the permutations. We'll be risking certain death — but it's worth it to get a new message from the Cloud Bard!


After all, it's been decades since the last one, which arrived in the form of a meteorite shower laced with rare isotopes. Maybe this time, the Cloud Bard will include instructions on how to meet up and exchange courtship rituals in person. Even if it means flying through more storms and cosmic rays — it's what we live for, after all.

Art by Emrah Elmasli, via Fuck Yeah Concept Art!



"We'll be risking certain death"

It can be a risk, or it can be certain, but it can't be both.

The Cloud Bard shudders at your word usage, and withdraws into the nebula in disgust.