These dresses by designer Iris van Herpen have a magnetic quality—literally. Van Herpen pulled a mixture of iron filings over fabric with magnets, creating fashions with a spiky texture.

Product designer JĂłlan van der Wiel suggested that van Herpen try her hand at creating dresses using magnetic fields. The created a material out of iron filings and resin, experimenting to create just the right texture and pearlescent colors, and then guided the material over sections of fabric. The material is soft to the touch and moves with the body.

Van Herpen told dezeen that the original plan was to create dresses that could grow on the runway, creating the dress before the audience's eyes. However, they weren't able to find a method that was safe for the models. These dresses each took three weeks to create.

Magnetic dresses by Iris van Herpen and JĂłlan van der Wiel [dezeen via Neatorama]