That Walking Dead Episode is Precious as LEGOs and a Little Girl's Costume

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If the first episode of The Walking Dead season 7 left a bitter, perhaps blood-tinged taste in your mouth, maybe looking at it through a child’s eyes will help ease the pain.


The deaths of Abraham and Glenn were, if anything, visceral. It may have been a ratings smash, but even some Walking Dead fans have criticized the show for how violently Negan killed those two beloved characters. Luckily, we’ve got something that can make it all better: The heart of a child. Well, not literally, it’s a figure of speech. Although on The Walking Dead, I suppose anything is possible...eventually.

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A Reddit user posted a photo of his daughter’s costume for Halloween, and this year she’s not going as Wonder Woman, Elsa, or any of those weird Trolls abominations: She’s Negan, the murderous wielder of the Barbed Bat of Death. The proud dad said his friends (the ones who “get it”) have either loved it or thought they were the sickest parents in the world. I’m learning toward the former, because girls can do anything...even be leather-clad post-apocalyptic murderers.

There’s also a video from YouTuber Kristo499 that recreated the infamous death scene in LEGO form. While it’s a great video for fans of the series, it’s also perfect for those who haven’t watched the scene yet and don’t want to see the eye-bulging grossness that Walking Dead was magically able to get past the censors. Everything is cuter as a LEGO, including brutal death!

In this crazy world we live in, with barbed bats delivering swift blows of pain and suffering, sometimes we just need to return to an age of innocence.



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