That Time When Blake From Blake's 7 Was Enslaved By An Evil Matriarchy

Before Gareth Thomas played Roj Blake, the fearless crusader against the dystopian Federation, he had to escape from a very different sort of oppressive regime. Thomas was one of the stars of Star Maidens, a short-lived show about men fleeing a matriarchal society.


You can see how this storyline was good preparation for dealing with Supreme Commander Servalan.

In Star Maidens, Thomas plays Shem, an engineer, who lives on the planet Medusa, where women rule absolutely and men are only fit to be servants, with benefits. Shem teams up with a male "domestic" named Adam to escape from Medusa and flee to the planet Earth — because Medusa has conveniently drifted through space until it arrived in Earth's solar system. In retaliation, the Medusans kidnap two Earth people and demand the escaped Medusans in exchange. So while Shem and Adam are adjusting to life on Earth, two humans are forced to adjust to life on Medusa.


The whole insanely campy series is out on DVD in Region 2, but it's also pretty easy to find on YouTube.

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Benny Gesserit

Oh for those bitter-sweet days when planets could just wander through space without worrying about ... the little things like maintaining an atmosphere & not freezing to death. Sigh.