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That time Star Trek: Voyager killed off the cast of The West Wing

Illustration for article titled That time emStar Trek: Voyager/em killed off the cast of emThe West Wing/em

Hidden in the episode Star Trek: Voyager "Imperfection" is the fate of the Bartlett Administration from The West Wing. As you can see, the gang met a grisly end aboard a futuristic spaceship. On a happier note, we're excited to see that Donatella Moss has outlived the rest of the gang and is probably running a planet as the world's most adorable cyborg. True, it's an old Easter Egg much like the Cheers ships, but it's still awesome.


[Waxjism via BuzzFeed]

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Okay, time to match characters from The West Wing and TNG (because fuck Voyager):

Picard = President Bartlet

Riker = Leo

Data = Toby

Worf = Josh

LaForge = Sam

Dr. Crusher = CJ

Troi = Donna

Wesley = Charlie

Chief O'Brien = Will