The big summer blockbuster of 2015? That'll be Star Wars VII. The science-documentary-to-see come 2014? That's a little harder to call, but our money is on Tarzan's Testicles - a "hybrid film" byRomanian director Alexandru Solomon that will examine the interspecies breeding efforts of scientists in communist-era Abkhazia. The species? Humans and monkeys, obviously.

Sez Film New Europe:

Solomon is working on Tarzan's Testicles, a feature documentary on the Abkhazian Scientific Research Institute of Experimental Pathology and Therapy, established in 1927, a renowned primatology center during the Communist era where scientists tried to crossbreed humans and monkeys to demonstrate the triumph of the Revolution over religion.

Solomon aims to investigate the relationship between humans and monkeys many years after the Revolution, in a "hypothetical country" (as Abkhazia is today) where "there is no question of animal rights since human rights don't exist," he said at the Distribution Forum of the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival.


Color us titillated.

[FNE via Twitch]