We all know that Superman's powers include super-hypnosis... but it turns out he's highly susceptible to hypnosis himself. All you have to do is dangle a watch in the big guy's face and he becomes yours to command. At least, judging from this Lois and Clark episode.

In "Illusions of Grandeur," a struggling female magician's assistant gets the upper hand by hypnotizing everyone — she even hypnotizes Penn from Penn and Teller! And she wants to launch the Magic Channel, a satellite TV network that will broadcast mind control suggestions 24/7:

The sad part is, she gets control over Superman. Can you imagine what you could do if you could boss the Man of Steel around? And instead of just ordering him to make her the ruler of Earth, she has him put Lois and Penn from Penn and Teller into ridiculous deathtraps. And then Supes has to fly up into space and activate her satellite broadcasting the Magic Channel — because she can't just turn it on remotely? I guess.

The whole episode, which probably launched a million hypno fantasies, is available for just $1.99 on Youtube.


And with that... Dean Cain week concludes. Or does it?....

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