That Ridiculous Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan Fantasy Adventure Is Coming in November

Iron Mask is coming in November.
Iron Mask is coming in November.
Image: Lionsgate
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Before everything went to hell in 2020, there was a glimmer of good in the world. A trailer was unearthed for an Arnold Schwarzenegger-Jackie Chan fantasy adventure complete with dragons, pirate ships, luxurious facial hair, and more. At that time, the film’s U.S. release was still unknown. But thanks to a new trailer, as we enter the end of this awful year, Iron Mask is back to bring us hope.


The film will be available on-demand November 20, and on Blu-ray November 24. That means, yes, there is a brand new trailer. A trailer that has even more wonder than the first, but also makes it very clear that while Chan and Schwarzenegger may be the big names, they are not in this movie a lot.

The fact that Jason Flemyng is top-billed here makes it fairly clear the story of this film revolves around him. But there’s so much packed into the trailer, it’s a little difficult to decipher what, exactly, that story is. Who is the person with the mask, for example? The mask must be important since it’s the title of the movie. Apparently, though, the film is also about Chan’s character escaping Schwarzenegger’s prison to give his daughter a talisman that controls a dragon.

Sure. Why not?

Anyway, Iron Mask—which also stars Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance (who was also in the first film in this series, Viy) and the late Rutger Hauer—will be here sooner than you know it and dumb as it’s sure to be, we hope it’ll be a nice change of pace in this awful time.

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It was unearthed because it came, it bombed, it was hated, then buried. My problem with it is not because it’s cheese and stupid. I mean people didn’t even like it for it’s cheese and stupidity, but it was just frustratingly false advertisement. Jackie Chan and Arnold are borderline cameos/small support roles. A 2 hour movie with those two sprinkled in it here and there for maybe 10-15 minutes? Yes they do have a fight. It was there. Not really an epic match. But like in real life, it was a “fight” that’s brief.

I get it it. That’s business. Plenty of movies have done that. Top billing and promotion for actors that are not really a part of the movie to make more quick cash.

It is a sequel to a Russian movie. A lot of dialog was horribly dubbed. The story is impressive in that somehow to make it a disjointed, paint by the numbers, bloated, inconsistent, predictable, uneven tone, power ranger story with ADHD all simultaneously. Which sounds awesome when typed, but upon viewing, even if high or drunk or trippin on acid, you would lose interest and just debate the universal meaning of cheese. 

The efforts of a Russian/Chinese co production succeeded in making the visuals state of the art 2007. Not worth paying. Might be worth checking out once for free. Might be worth it for free as background noise while at home. Elementary school kids might like it.