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That Moment When We All Realized Judge Dredd Was Not Going To Deliver

Jeez, Judge Dredd is actually worse than I'd remembered. Especially after watching Dredd, which does Mega-City One's greatest lawman properly. Here's the scene where you might think, for a second, that this is at least going to be a fun ride. And then... campmageddon!


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The Stallone Dredd is from that period in the '90s when every big budget genre movie was full of supposedly "self aware" camp humor and terrible CGI. The Schumacher Batman movies are the worst offenders, but there was also Demolition Man, Tank Girl, Alien Resurrection, The Avengers (with Fiennes and Thurman, natch), Godzilla, Lost in Space... Its reputation has been tarnished a bit by the sequels, but The Matrix still has a special place in my heart for stopping this trend cold.