That Leia-Focused Star Wars Novel Will Reveal the Origins of the First Order and the Resistance

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We’ve known for a while that Claudia Gray’s new Leia-starring novel Star Wars: Bloodlines would be uncovering some important backstory about Leia’s soured relationship with the Republic in The Force Awakens. But now we know it’s tackling another huge mystery from the movie: Just how were the First Order and Resistance formed?


In a new post on detailing eight aspects of the book fans should be excited for, not only was it revealed that Gray got insight from Episode VIII director Rian Johnson for some of the book’s story elements, but also that the novel will explore how the two battling factions from The Force Awakens originally came to be.


We’ve already had hints of how the Resistance and First Order rose from the ashes of the Rebellion and Empire across the oodles of tie-in books that have released in the wake of The Force Awakens, but it seems like Bloodlines will really delve into just why Leia broke away from the Republic she fought so hard to restore—something fans desperately wanted an answer for in the movie itself. While some might balk at the thought of a tie-in book getting to reveal such an important bit of background, it’s pretty cool that the Star Wars canon in the Disney era is allowing the expanded media to actually get to tackle stuff like this.

Bloodlines will be out on May 3rd.

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Ah, just what I was missing in the new Star Wars movie: long scenes describing the politics and (no doubt) trade issues behind the major players. I know a lot of fans love to get into all the minutia of the universe, but is this really something we need to know? “Well, after the Democratic-Republicans split from the Republican-Democrats, there was further tension caused by the levying of taxes on the spice exports from the moons of Enthro-IV......”

Leave it to the fanfiction. It’s more fun when some things are still left to the imagination.