That Infamous Spider-Woman Cover Rendered In 3D Is A Flesh Nightmare

Hey, remember that incredibly unfortunate Spider-Woman variant cover by sexy sex artist Milos Manara? Well, someone decided to see what would a 3D model would look like in the same pose. The answer, it turns out, is a melted human/flesh-rent monstrosity that only Clive Barker could love.

The render came from Redditor dinoignacio:

Look, I'll admit it's not at all necessary to make all artwork adhere to functional physical reality — I like manga, after all — and I know Marvel had commissioned a lot of sexy Manara variant covers previously with incident and that this whole debacle was at least partially the result of the wrong title, the wrong pose, and the wrong time. But still... yeesh. I'd be less terrified if I saw the Face-Spider from The Thing crawling towards me.

[Via Gamma Squad]


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