That Feeling When You Walk Down a Dark Street and Meet a Jellyfish

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Every night, at 10 pm, something mystical happens at a derelict building in Liverpool. The storefront shutter opens, revealing a massive, ethereal water tank filled with live jellyfish.


The installation, created by the artistic duo Walter Hugo & Zoniel, is called "The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Someone Living." Although it's part of the Liverpool Biennial—the largest contemporary art festival in the UK—the artists didn't promote or even announce the exhibit. It just quietly appeared one evening, in order to allow the random passerby to experience the surreal encounter with fresh eyes.

The installation will be on display until July 27. And, if you don't happen to find yourself wandering the streets of Liverpool late at night, you can watch video recordings of streamed footage:

[H/T: DesignBoom]

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Shame I'm not a fan of jellyfish. I once stepped on a jellyfish while strolling in a dark beach. It was the most disgusting sound,like stepping on a whooppee cushion filled with entrails. Thankfully I was wearing clogs or otherwise it'd been painful as hell...

But seriously,this is a great idea. IF holograms become more accessible in the near future,it'd be interesting if somebody implements something like this.