That Excellent Simpsons Quote Search Engine Now Makes Gifs as Well

Frinkiac, the delightful timewaster that lets Simpsons fans search for their favorite quote and instantly find the matching screencap, just got even better: now it lets you create gifs, too. The world’s productivity just took a serious hit.


The gif option, currently in beta, is pretty simple—you just search by quote, and then select the necessary frames for the moment you wish to capture. Slap the quote text on top, and you’re good to go with a social media friendly gif. Here’s a few made by the io9 and Gizmodo staff in the time we’ve all been horribly distracted since discovering it.


Go forth and gif, my friends.

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!


Poey Gordon

That Lisa beets line is one of my favorite things and it's so underrated