That Crazy Post-Apocalyptic Zorro Movie Is Now a Ridiculous Futuristic Zorro Movie

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What do you do when you’ve already made and remade every single famous property out there? You set them in the future. It’s happening with Robin Hood, and now it’s happening with Zorro, too.


Last year, news broke that a post-apocalyptic Zorro film called Zorro Reborn was in the works. That film has now been reworked into a futuristic Zorro film, called simply Z. That’s the bad news. The good news is Jonas Cuaron, co-writer of Gravity and son of Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron, is on board to direct.

The concept of a masked man who fights for the people will remain intact, but Z will be set in the “near future,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. The hope is for Cuaron to start shooting it this summer, but previous incarnations of this film have been lingering for almost two decades. So don’t hold your breath.


We can only imagine, if this film happens, a scenario where futuristic Zorro and futuristic Robin Hood exist in a shared universe, that leads in to a sort of unimaginative, futuristic literary Avengers. That’s the only way this news could feel any more clichéd.

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Update: Cuaron will actually be starting fresh and not updating the previously in development Zorro Reborn.

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There’s a chance this could work. A near-future where inequality has increased and the impoverished in California suffer more. Like Elysium but maybe not quite as futuristic. A wealthy Have donning the mask and the symbol to help the Have Nots? They could make this work.

I doubt they will, but it’s a decent idea. How to fit in sword play to the near-future, I don’t know.