Thanos' Black Order and Infinity Gauntlet Have Been Revealed

Photo by Germain Lussier
Photo by Germain Lussier

Soon after showing an incredible Avengers: Infinity War clip, Marvel unveiled who was lurking under those black sheets next to Thanos at their booth on the floor at the D23 Expo: it’s the Black Order. But first, as an added bonus, the Infinity Gauntlet itself also made an appearance.

Here’s a first glimpse of the Black Order:


From left, looks like Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Thanos, Ebony Maw, and Black Dwarf. Here’s another look:

We’ll have more soon!

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Is it just me or does Thanos look... like a blue collar worker? I swear he looks like he’s wearing a T-shirt, cargo pants, and construction boots.

I’m not an expert of the guy by any means, but I assume he’d be a little embarrassed to find he resembles “Joe” the “Plumber”.