"Thanks Safeway": A Fake Trailer Comparing Downsizing to Alien Attack

Losing your job due to corporate downsizing can feel pretty apocalyptic — and one employee of supermarket chain Dominick's captures that feeling perfectly in this video, made after Safeway closed 72 of its Chicago-area Dominick's stores.


The video went up on Dec. 27, and caused enough of a stir in the local media that its creator, Steve Yamamoto, got suspended from his job — losing just one day of work before he was laid off, but also possibly losing three weeks' severance pay.

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So for people who dislike downsizing. Do you know the alternative? Closing all the doors forever. There's the funny little thing called profit in business. Profit is a way of letting you know if you're succeeding in meeting the demand of whatever group you are targeting as your customers. If you're not making profit, you're doing something wrong. Unfortunately without access to internal reports, nobody on the outside can say why Safeway is closing those stores.

But those are the risks you take when you sign up as an employee. An alternative would be to start your own business, if you think you can do a better job, but that has a whole host of other risks that employees don't have to deal with. Life is risk. I get tired of these whiners who cry and complain that it's not fair. There's nothing anywhere that says life is fair. Unless it's a politician trying to sell you legislative snake-oil.

This guy has talent and instead of leveraging that into success, he's indulging in pettiness. Not a real good idea as once something is on the Internet it tends to stay there forever. People he will want to work for or do business with in the future will see this. What kinds of conclusions do you think they will draw?