I absolutely gurantee you've admired the artwork of John Harris at some point, even if you never knew his name. And now, a new book collects some of his most eye-popping art featuring spaceships and alien worlds. And we've got some exclusive images, with artist commentary!

Top image: "Quiet Night." Harris writes: "Inside the Roche limit. Again this is about opposing emotions. The still air and the depiction of a sleeping city (my home town) highlight the violent cosmic event above, all occurring in silence, of which the residents are blissfully unaware (for now)."

"General Practice." Says Harris: "One of a series of books by James White. I made it an opportunity to explore the theme of falling, and how the uprising plume of fire produces a contradictory sense of lift within the same picture."

"Earth Awakens." Says Harris: Another play on the theme of falling. Here, the difference between falling and diving is illustrated by the purposeful streak of the small fighter downwards across the path of the sedately falling carrier ship.

Jupiter. Harris says, "The intimidating scale of the planet is emphasised by the minnow-like fighter escort for the approaching ship."

Old Man's War. Harris writes, "The first in the series by John Scalzi. This set the tone, creating a warm almost friendly feel in contrast to the martial nature of the content."

The Ghost Brigades. Says Harris: "The second of the series, starting with Old Man's War. In keeping with that first book I kept the colour key high, giving a sense of lightness to the hardware, while being careful to keep the diagonal element to give dynamism."

Saturn. Harris: "For the book by Ben Bova. The planet, seen rising over one of its icy moons. To highlight the sense of the cold vastness, I emphasised the fiery ring of aurora borealis on the visible pole of the sphere."

The Art of John Harris comes out next Tuesday from Titan Books, and you can preorder it here.