Thank God The Sheriff From Eureka Is Cleaning Up The Vampire Diaries

Here's the most brilliant, happy-making, fist-pumping "fuck yeah" moment from last night's Vampire Diaries. In which my two favorite characters team up and take out the trash. Booyah!

Of course, this being Vampire Diaries, Tripp (aka the Sheriff from Eureka) is the Bad Guy because he wants to kill vampires — particularly vampires who go around slaughtering humans right and left. I wish we could just see Tripp and Stefan team up to take out the supernatural serial killers around the greater Midsouth region, but that'll never happen alas.


Also in last night's episode: Everybody is pissed that Stefan came back to kill Enzo (the scumbag in the above clip) rather than coming back to comfort Caroline and Enya. (I typed "Enya" by mistake instead of Elena, and then decided it made total sense. It's been a long week. But also, now Enya is my new nickname for Elena.) Tyler and Liv the Witch Girl had a steamy hookup. Elena has a new prospective boyfriend, who's actually stable and sane, so I give him two weeks, tops. Jeremy's new love interest is probably Bonnie's half-sister, plus she was able to remember that Elena nearly murdered her because she entered Mystic Falls, where magic (including compulsion) doesn't work. Enzo murders Matt's friend for being a vampire-hunter, and Matt is just sort of dazed and confused about it. (Rather than wanting to do what Stefan actually does do to Enzo.)

Oh, and we meet the guy who's been stalking Damon and Bonnie inside their 1994-Groundhog-Day purgatory thingie, and he's kind of a twerp. But he knows a way out, or at least he says he does.

Mostly, I just want Tripp and Stefan teaming up 24/7.

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