Image: Marvel. Art by Joëlle Jones.
Image: Marvel. Art by Joëlle Jones.

We’d love to see Kamala Khan, the fabulous Ms. Marvel, come to Marvel’s slate of TV shows. Hell, we’d like to see it sooner rather than later, if we’re honest. But given how it looks like Inhumans has turned out, we’re glad to hear that the show currently doesn’t have plans to bring Kamala onboard.

Speaking to That Hashtag Show about plans for introducing Kamala and other new characters to the series after the inclusion of recent comics addition Auran to the series, Inhumans executive producer Jeph Loeb confirmed that at least for now, there’s no plans to add Kamala:

At the moment there’s no plans for that to happen. That doesn’t mean it [won’t] happen. Auran has just been a terrific addition to the show, and we’re incredibly happy with everything about her, particularly the actress who plays her.


Let’s be honest, this would be a bad idea—and not just because critical reaction to Inhumans has ranged from mixed to “less enjoyable than a pile of Lockjaw droppings.” Everything we’ve seen from Inhumans so far is that it would really rather avoid getting into the superpowered antics of its superpowered characters... mainly because powers like, say, Medusa’s hair-tentacles are really hard to do on a TV budget (and boy, did it show). Now imagine trying to do that with a character that can grow, shrink, stretch their limbs, and contort themselves in all sorts of manners, and you could see what a giant headache it would be.

And regardless of Inhumans’ quality, when she does eventually come to live-action, Kamala Khan deserves her own show rather than being a supporting character in another series. Loeb might say that there’s a possibility we see some form of Kamala on Inhumans, but hopefully what Marvel is really waiting for is a series that can truly showcase the character in the best way possible.

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