Testosterone May Be A Cure for Worst Effects of Menopause

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Although thousands of women take estrogen replacement therapy (ERT) to avoid the unpleasantness of menopause, study after study has shown that ERT may shorten life. But today researchers announced results from a study of testosterone therapy that suggested the substance known as T may become a crucial ingredient in post-menopausal drug cocktails of the future.


Taking testosterone actually strengthens bones weakened by the natural aging process, a process that is accelerated after women go through menopause. Could testosterone be the new wonder drug women have been looking for? In a release, the researchers said:

Testosterone administration appears to reduce bone turnover, perhaps closing the gap between resorption and formation . . . and the effects of testosterone on long-term bone metabolism are unclear, but are expected to have at least a protective effect on existing bone mass over time by preventing unwanted increases in bone turnover that are frequently associated with osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is often associated with high bone turnover (increases in bone resorption as well as in bone formation) which results in decreased BMD.


So far, testosterone has only been tested in men over 60. But given that women over 60 suffer more from osteoporosis than men do, will testing on women be far behind?

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