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Terry Pratchett's Wee Free Men Is Coming to the Big Screen

Illustration for article titled Terry Pratchetts iWee Free Men /iIs Coming to the Big Screen

Terry Pratchett’s young adult Discworld novel is getting adapted by the Jim Henson Company, which means we’ll finally see young witch Tiffany Aching in action.


The script will come from Rhianna Pratchett, the co-director of Narrativia, which is partnering with the Jim Henson Company to make the movie a reality. “I’ve loved the Jim Henson Company’s work all my life, so it’s a great honor to team up with them and bring Wee Free Men to the big screen,” Rhianna Pratchett said in a press release.

This could be a great pairing of property and studio. The Wee Free Men tells the story of nine-year-old Aching searching for her missing brother after a spate of Fairyland monsters have appeared. Aching, her frying pan, and a group of small, angry blue men called the Nac Mac Feegles go looking to save her brother from the Queen of the Fairies.


Yeah, that sounds like something the Jim Henson Company could do a great job with. Especially considering that rights to the book had previously been in the hands of Sony, and the script Pratchett had seen then hadn’t impressed him. Maybe this was worth the wait.

[Entertainment Weekly]

Katharine is the former managing editor of io9.

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The Homework Ogre

On the one hand, this is pretty exciting b/c the Wee Free Men novels are, imo, the cream of the Discworld crop.

On the other, the live-action adaptations I’ve seen thus far have been preeeeetty meh. I’m not sure it’s possible to accurately capture Pratchett’s magic onscreen.