The acclaimed director of Brazil was very close to making a sequel to Stanley Kurbick's apocalyptic comedy masterpiece Dr. Strangelove, but with Kubrick's approval. According to Gilliam, Kubrick had worked on a sequel called Son of Strangelove โ€” just think about that for a second โ€” and wanted Gilliam to direct it.

The story, which was being co-written by Easy Rider's Terry Southern, was never finished, but according to Twitch enough notes exist to reveal that the sequel would have featured Strangelove in his underground bunker, surrounded by its mostly female occupants. I also presume animals would have been bred and slaughtered.


Now, Gilliam says he was told this by someone close to Kubrick after Kubrick died, so there's certainly plenty of opportunity for the actual truth of the matter to have gotten muddled along the way. But good lord โ€” Son of Strangelove, a movie directed by Terry Gilliam, written by Stanley Kubrick himself?! That's a movie I'd give my precious bodily fluids to see.

[Via Twitch]