Looks like HBO's sexy Game of Thrones series will have a bit of competition โ€” Terry Brooks' long-running fantasy book series Shannara is getting its own TV show too!

Variety is reporting that Brooks' original Sword of Shannara trilogy will become the main basis for the TV show. The books, which have retained a massive following among readers for decades, focus on the Sword of Shannara and the powerful leaders who wield it. There are also elves and magic โ€” think modern-day Tolkien. The books are set in the Four Lands โ€” which is actually Earth hundreds of years into the future, after a nuclear war has wiped out most of the planet. The survivors have reverted back to a feudal system, and magic has replaced science.


There is no set distribution deal just yet, but Sonar Entertainment and Farah Films have purchased the rights to the books and would like to start shopping around to various networks in the US very, very soon. Fingers crossed!