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It's been a years since we've heard anything from Alex Pardee's webseries Chadam. But the block-headed alien's post-apocalyptic adventure has finally aired on the And you can watch the first 5 episodes right now.


Artist Alex Pardee's twisted images and warped take on the everyday world never stop surprising us. So we've been excited to see what would happen to Chadam, the square-faced hero of Vulture City.

Chadam has the glandular power to change the world with his super-imagination. Jeffrey Combs voices the series' villain, Viceroy. The stars also include Katey Sagal, and Carl Weathers. The inhabitants of the once-great Vulture City must count on Chadam to save them from the plague that is destroying their town.


Here's the first webisode!

Watch the rest at the

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