Terrified Is a Legitimately Scary, Unique, and Surprising Horror Film

This is one of the least scary images in Terrified.
Photo: Shudder
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Heed this advice: Don’t watch the new horror movie Terrified right before you have to be home alone at night (like I did). It’s one of those movies that makes every creek and pop in the cold silence a potential terror—which, of course, means I absolutely loved it.

Coming soon to the streaming service Shudder, this Argentinian horror film takes place on a single block of an unassuming suburban neighborhood. Things begin with a normal wife and husband after a normal day at work. However, as she’s making dinner the wife hears voices in the kitchen. Specifically in the sink. And so begins a slow unraveling of events that occurred on the block over the past few days that seemed unrelated, but may be exactly that.


From that basic description you may think you have an idea of what Terrified is going to be but, trust me, you don’t. Director Demián Rugna and his team have created a very unique and surprising horror film. It not only delivers legitimate scares from beginning to end, it also has delightfully disgusting images, interesting characters, and a fascinating story.

Someone is always watching in Terrified.
Photo: Shudder

Without giving it away, that story has to do less with the hauntings and more with a group of people who’d like to get to the bottom of them. Think Lin Shaye’s character Elise from the Insidious franchise, but with a more serious, scientific spin. That juxtaposition of mystery and a need for answers gives Terrified a whole other dimension behind the traditional scares. It gives the audience hope we’ll get an explanation for what’s happening and, in turn, makes us let our guard down thinking things will be okay.

Using all kinds of different angles and perspectives on traditional horror set-ups, Rugna keeps us on our toes for the vast majority of the film. There are far fewer scares in the film’s middle section as the story sets up its final act, but in their place is a crazy story involving a dead child that you’re going to have to see to believe. Basically, even when Terrified is not exactly scary, it still keeps you guessing, engaged, and off-guard.


Terrified is one of those movies that you and your friends will watch together, love, and then pass on to others. It’s original, it’s cool, and it’s super-scary. It had its U.S. premiere at Fantastic Fest 2018 and will debut on Shudder in October.


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