Warning! This video is NSFW! It contains breasts, violence, and violence against breasts. It's the trailer for Umberto Lenzi's completely insane zombie movie Nightmare City, where the zombies are fast, smart, sadistic, and look like they stuck their heads in a deep fryer.

Nightmare City

If you didn't or can't see the trailer above, let me tell you how it starts — a zombie flies a plane full of other zombies, lands it, and then all the zombies disembark and kill everyone on the tarmac. Some of the zombies are carrying melee weapons. It's delightful.

Wolfblood: Season 1

The BBC series turned Disney series is basically Hemlock Grove for preteens. It definitely has its fans, but a lot depends if you can handle werewolves being called "wolfbloods" without sniggering.

Dragonball Z: Season 1

Funimation releases Dragonball Z for the nth time. This is on Blu-ray, but the original 4:3 TV series has been cropped to 16:9 scale, which cuts off a sizable chunks of each shot. You've been warned.

Ninja II

White person-turned-ninja Scott Adkins returns in this film that reunites him with his Undisputed III director Isaac Florentine, resulting in what is possibly the finest white-person-turned-ninja movie of all time.


Malcom McDowell breaks the doctor-patient confidentiality to reveal the secrets of three patients in his sanitarium in this anthology.

So I Can't Play H: The Complete Collection

A fan service-laden tale of a busty shinigami who feeds off of a lecherous boy's perversity. I'm not sure Japan is even trying any more, guys.

Hall Baby

Reno 911's Tom Lennon and Robert Ben Garant take on the couple-moves-into-a creepy-neighborhood trope with predictably sacrilicious results.


A woman accidentally summons the ghost of a murdered woman which results in her having to battle a serial killer named Gepetto, as is standard in these situations.

Zombie Hamlet

A young director is forced to turn his production of Hamlet into a zombie movie. On the negative side, the movie's "star" is Jason Mewes. On the plus side, at least it's not called "Hamlet of the Dead."


An Asylum movie that is somehow not ripping off a new major motion picture. Apparently some soldiers steal Attila the Hun's "wishes" and the Chinese mummy does his revenge thing.

Zombie 108

Taiwan's first zombie movie is set in Taipei's shopping district (whose postal code is 108, hence the title) and is apparently not very good.

A very, very esoteric collection of scifi movies including everything from the 1958 film counterblast to the 1997 Invasion TV movie starring Luke Perry.