Terrible Movie Skyline Is Getting a Sequel and Its Trailer Is... Actually Kind of Awesome?

Image: XYZ Films
Image: XYZ Films
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You probably don’t even remember that the 2010 movie Skyline exists. It’s one of those scifi movies that came and went very quickly because it was just so, so bad. Today, though, we have a trailer for Beyond Skyline, which seems like a spin-off sequel, and the trailer is surprisingly awesome.


Directed by Liam O’Donnell, who co-wrote the original film, Beyond Skyline stars Frank Grillo, who tends to be amazing in everything, from The Purge films to the Captain America films. It also stars Iko Uwais, who gained fame in The Raid series (as well as for being a member of Kanjiklub in The Force Awakens). That cast, already, is a big step up from the first film. (No offense, Eric Balfour). Plus, the sequel really seems to blow out the effects and action, in contrast to the original, which was much more isolated. Check it out.

Things certainly start shaky there, and it looks a lot like the ambitious but disappointing first film. But then, once the son gets sucked into the spaceship and Grillo ends up across the world, hot damn, does it look cool. There are ancient ruins, blade bracelets, huge aliens, and even robot dinosaur aliens, which look like something out of Horizon Zero Dawn (so you know I’m in).

Will Beyond Skyline be good? Who knows, but its trailer is certainly way more jaw-dropping than it has any right to be. It’s scheduled to open later this year, but we’re not sure when or where.

Oh, and here’s the poster.

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How does this happen? The original was SO. BAD. And it’s not because it’s was simplistic. I unabashedly enjoy the hell out of Battle : Los Angeles, which was a very similar idea. Skyline was just bad in every way, except for passable vfx.

Battle:LA actually had relatively interesting characters and MUCH better action, and yet somehow fucking SKYLINE gets a sequel?!