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Terrence Howard Seems to Think He's the Horror Ashton Kutcher

Terrence Howard has a scary prank special coming to Fox.
Terrence Howard has a scary prank special coming to Fox.
Photo: 2018 Fox Broadcasting Co.

We know this sounds like a random Mad Lib, but trust us on this.

Fox just announced a one-hour special called Terrence Howard’s Fright Club, which will air at 8pm on May 24. The premise is that Howard has invited several of his fans to an unspecified VIP experience at his New Orleans residence. But, the joke’s on them as the real reason for the guests being there is for Howard to scare the crap out of them.


“Hidden cameras follow the super-fans and capture their reactions to a series of wild experiences that Howard, in full prankster mode, has set up for them,” the press release reads. “From swamp monsters to voodoo spells their reactions are captured on film from his secret control room.”

So basically, Terrence Howard is filming a scary version of Punk’d in his own house. That sounds just absurd and weird enough to work. We’re into it.

Entertainment Reporter for io9/Gizmodo

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He can scare them with the fact that he believes in his own weird version of mathematics.