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Terra Nova will only air 13 episodes of time travel and dinosaurs

Illustration for article titled Terra Nova will only air 13 episodes of time travel and dinosaurs

Sad news for those folks who like dinosaur dramas like Fox's new Terra Nova. The studio will only be airing 13 episode of the first season. Same goes for Alcatraz, and NBC's new double life drama Awake.


Terra Nova, which follows the Shannon family from the devastated future of 2149 to 85 million years in the past, has suffered a lot of hits lately. The rainy shooting location, huge writing staff turnover, and massive rewrites have stalled the production at every turn. Last we heard they hadn't even managed to shoot enough footage to make a complete first episode 00 which is sad because we're still jazzed about this show's premise.

Still, we'd rather have 13 great episodes than 22 meh ones. Terra Nova is rumored to finish its first season in December.


[via TV Guide]

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The Hoon Dynasty

BSG's first season was the strongest because of its low episode count, I can't see why that can't be done here.

Anyway, if producers want science fiction to prosper in the vast TV wasteland, they WILL have to take a page from the BBC and from anime: short seasons, serial plots, and a conclusion within one (or a few) season(s). It works so well for those formats, I can't see why a competent producer and network can't make good stuff with those constraints, given the expenses and risks already present in science fiction media these days.