Terminators + Transformers + Crazy Wigs = Kung Fu Cyborg

Kung Fu Cyborg is the latest batch of crazy coming our way from Hong Kong. See if you can glean from Jeffrey Lau's trailer this new movie's storyline about love and robots.

Apparently director Jeffrey Lau got 14 million bucks, and he spent it all on these Samurai Transformers, plus one robot's wig. This movie is crazy-pants, judging from this early trailer, created for Hong Kong's Film Mart. I think it's about love, and one guy imitating Jude Law's character from AI. Oh, and Transformers.

Says Lau:

When I saw SPIDER-MAN, SUPERMAN and BATMAN, I wondered why we don't have similar superheroes in China. I burst out laughing when watching TRANSFORMERS. The effects were amazing but the robots didn't know how to fight. So I decided our Chinese superheroes should be kung fu experts.


Lau was the producer of Kung Fu Hustle, which had quite a few funny moments - so this picture will most likely be in the same vein, but with more superheroes and robots that want to take over the world.

[via Kung Fu Cinema]

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