Terminator Vs. Kung-Fu Master In Hot Shirtless Action

The ultimate German fighting robot poses in a halter top and shiny thong over his black tights, in this seminal moment from Robotrix, the 1991 Hong Kong robosploitation epic. When a random guy in the audience decides to challenge this Terminator wannabe to a kung-fu fight, you just know it's not gonna go well. Click through for another clip of what happens next, when a Sorayama robo-babe fights the greatest American robot of all time.

The American fighting robot, who comes standard with poodle wig and boob window, manages to take out the German fighting robot we saw in that first clip. But then he goes berzerk and starts trashing the whole crowd. So the superior Hong Kong bot steps in to save the day with some robot-on-robot bondage action:
In Robotrix, a woman gets shot, and apparently killed. But then two hot women scientists in super-shiny satin lab coats transfer the dead woman's brain into a robot body. For some reason, this has to take place while both the woman and her robot counterpart are naked. (But once the process is complete, the hawt robot gets covered immediately with a shimmery green see-thru gown. It's because of science.) The Sheik who wants to start his own Robot Legion has his son kidnapped, so the dead-woman-in-a-sexy-robot-body has to go track him down before it's too late.


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