Terminator Salvation's Quest, Looper's Violent Saga And Flash Forward's Mysteries

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoiler-blast includes new Terminator Salvation TV spots. Also, Rian "Brick" Johnson explains his future epic Looper. Someone reviewed the Flash Forward pilot. Heroes spoilers make you long for oblivion. Plus Lost, Fringe and Smallville.


Terminator Salvation:

New TV spots show a bit more of Marcus' quest to find whoever did this to him. Particularly the third one:



Rian Johnson (Brick) teases his science-fiction movie. It's a "Jacobean revenge tragedy," totally different from his first two movies. It's "completely dark and violent. It's set in the near future, but it's more like 30 years from now." And it takes place in an industrial town on the edge of farmland, in Kansas. The film's production designer, Jim Clair, worked on Children of Men, and the film will have a very grimy, lived-in look, like the first Star Wars' glimpse of farming life on Tattooine. (I am so there.) [ComingSoon]

Flash Forward:

Someone saw an early screening of this show's pilot and posted it on Ain't It Cool News. We start out with scenes of destruction in L.A., with crashed cars and people running around on fire. Good times! Then we flash back (not forward) to show our two FBI-agent heroes: Joseph Fiennes is a recovering alcoholic who has a surgeon wife and a daughter. And his partner, John Cho. We meet another surgeon, who's contemplating suicide at a pier, and Fiennes' AA sponsor, who's mourning the death of a daughter in Afghanistan.


We follow these characters through their day until everyone blacks out for two minutes and seventeen seconds, and has a vision of life six months into the future. People die in crashes and stuff, and then the rest of the episode is spent exploring the "flash forward," (and people call it that in dialogue) and we meet more supporting characters. Eventually, our characters come together and realize they were all seeing visions of six months into the future. This sets up the mystery of what caused the flash forward, and why people's lives were different in the future. One character saw nothing, which may mean he/she is dead in the future. And at the end of the episode, we see one person who did not black out when the rest of the human race did. [AICN]

ABC Vice President of Development Suzanne Patmore-Gibbs describes the series:

Our FBI agent, played by Joseph Fiennes, appears to be in an FBI chase. You think he has a car crash. He has a flash of all sorts of things and he wakes up on the freeway and subsequently discovers that everybody else in the world has had a blackout that lasted the same amount of time. This resulted in a lot of devastation across the world.

Everybody talks about their flash and they realize they were all dreaming of the same day - which is a day in the future. You can identify with the different people and have that sense of global import - we're all in it together - like Lost.


I have a feeling that "like Lost" will be the main selling point for this series. [CBC]


In the season finale, stuff blows up, Jacob walks among us, and we cry a lot. And in the long term, "Everything will be OK" for Sawyer/Kate shippers. (Drat.) [E! Online]


Here's another U.S. promo, and a British promo, for the finale:

Even though the present-day storyline seems to be about Locke and Ben jostling for leadership of the island, you should expect Sun to play a much larger role in events, says Damon Lindelof. Also, in the debate between Jack's idea that everything is random and Locke's idea that everything happens for a reason, Lindelof leans to Locke's side of things. And "it would be a big cheat" if Jack succeeded in erasing the past five years of the show, Lindelof adds. And he talks about the final season:

Season six will feel a lot like season one. The focus comes back to the characters with whom we began. We've been winnowing away everyone else who came along. The Tailies are gone, only Miles [Ken Leung] is left of the Freighter Folk and only Juliet [Elizabeth Mitchell] is left of The Others. We're getting down to the end now.


So does that mean Juliet will be around in season six?[NY Post]


We're unlikely to see a still-breathing John Scott in the newly discovered alternate universe, since actor Mark Valley's series got picked up. But there will be some "interesting things" happening, says J.J. Abrams. These will be things that feel "uniquely Fringe." [Fringe Television]



Here are three more promo pics from the season finale. If I were Clark, looking at these costumes, I wouldn't want to wear a costume either. [KryptonSite]

Illustration for article titled Terminator Salvations Quest, Loopers Violent Saga And Flash Forwards Mysteries
Illustration for article titled Terminator Salvations Quest, Loopers Violent Saga And Flash Forwards Mysteries
Illustration for article titled Terminator Salvations Quest, Loopers Violent Saga And Flash Forwards Mysteries


Hiro's story arc in season four involves a lot of time travel. But the payoff is "said to be worth it." [E! Online]


If you're not already excited for next season, then how about this? The show is hunting for a Knife Thrower, a sexy twentysomething Tattoo Girl, and a Carnival Barker. That last character should be a middle-aged Eddie Izzard type, who's a "smooth operator with a wicked wit." And the character will start small and then become more significant. [EW]

Meanwhile, the deaf woman whom we'll meet in episode 4x03 will be a love interest for one of our lead characters. Matt Parkman will get a new partner who's sort of a mentor. And Claire will have a roommate. [SpoilerTV]


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Adam Relayson

Good LORD those Smallville costumes are bad. I mean... why is Bart Allen wearing bed jammies? He looks like he's ready for a third grade sleepover.

And why does Black Canary have used motor oil smeared across her face? She looks like an east german dominatrix who got in a motorcycle accident.