Terminator Saga Will Strangle You With Too Many Cyber-Tentacles

If you're confused by the dueling television and movie Terminator sagas, just wait until the wave of comics hits. Not only are IDW and Dynamite both publishing their own competing Terminator comic books, but now Dark Horse has announced a new series of Terminator tales as well. How much time-travel and robot mayhem can you stand? According to our comics expert, Graeme, the Terminator franchise actually has four different licenses in comics. Dark Horse has a license to publish comics based on the original film. Dynamite has a license to do comics based on Terminator 2. And IDW has a license to do comics based on the upcoming movie Terminator: Salvation. Who has the license to do comics based on The Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show? We're not sure. Maybe you, if you act fast.


It's not clear what the Dark Horse series will focus on. The Dynamite series, written by Simon Furman, will feature tons of time-traveling shenanigans, including Terminators trying to kill Kyle Reese as a teenager before he can father John Connor. The IDW series will tie in with the movie. No creative teams, or details, have been announced for the new Dark Horse series. Dark Horse's Terminator comics, at their best, featured more of a horror feel, as you can see from the image above. The creative teams have included writers like Alan Grant and James Robinson. The big question is: Does the revival of the Dark Horse Terminator comics mean we'll get another Aliens. Vs. Predator Vs. Terminator showdown? [Pop Culture Zoo]

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