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How did Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles do in its new timeslot? The answer doesn't look good for Summer Glau and friends, although the future may look a little brighter for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse.


The mid-season premiere of Terminator may make many question Fox's wisdom of moving the show to Fridays and pairing it with Dollhouse, as it only managed 3.71 million viewers - a drop of almost two million over its last episode - and a worryingly low 1.5 share in the 18-49 demographic. This doesn't necessarily mean that the show is heading to the great network in the sky - it has raised its audience twice this season so far, after all - but it definitely doesn't look good, sadly. If you know people who might be interested in the show, this is the time to get them to start watching. Especially if they're Neilsen families.

Dollhouse fared slightly better, with 4.72 million viewers, and a 2.0 share in 18-49. Of course, the real test for the show is next week, when we see how many people want to come back after the first episode; traditionally, shows lose a big chunk of their pilot audience, and... well, Dollhouse can't really afford to do so with those numbers.


All may not be lost, however; keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of time-shifted audiences on both shows. Just as Battlestar Galactica tends to gain anywhere between 30-50% more viewers once DVRs are counted, it's possible that a similar Friday night effect may save both of these shows.

Updated: Friday Ratings: How Did Dollhouse and Terminator do? [TV By The Numbers]

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