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Terminator Embraces The iPhone/Twitter Technology That Will Enslave Us All

Illustration for article titled Terminator Embraces The iPhone/Twitter Technology That Will Enslave Us All

Terminator Salvation is not only embracing the iPhone, they've also launched an elaborate Twitter game. Isn't turning us into slaves of the machines exactly what Skynet wants?


This sudden and aggressive embrace of modern day technology is completely irresponsible, it's just like the time they brought a full-sized Terminator into San Diego Comic Con. Don't they know the machines are trying to manipulate us like cattle?

The "terminate me" iPhone App allows you to turn anyone into a damaged cyborg, with metal and red eyes showing beneath the artificial skin. It reminds me a little of the cylon detector app - but I'll give a special emoticon wink to the first person who can upload a baby duck terminator.


Now the upcoming movie Terminator Salvation has come to Twitter, with the recent launch of the Resistance2018 game. The premise: Twitter users can help in the fight against Skynet and the Terminators, earning points that bump them up the leaderboard, for... actually, I'm not really sure what. But I'm rather skeptical about becoming Twitter buds with all the Resistance fighters. I'm not too keen on reading John Connor tweets that he's "totally loling at Bizkit the Sleepwalking dog."

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what actually is twitter?