Terminator 5 would have resurrected Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese in another dimension

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Whatever happened to Justin Lin's Terminator 5 movie? A couple years ago, the Fast Five director was signed up to take over the Terminator franchise. And hopefully wash the taste of Terminator Salvation out of our mouths.


Sadly, the film never got off the ground — and now unnamed sources are saying one huge problem is that the script never quite came together. These sources also give us our first hints about the plot of T5 — and you can see why this turkey never got the chance to fly. The whole thing was based around resurrecting Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor in an alternate dimension. Oof.

According to inside sources close to the production over at Movie Hole the premise for T5 (which included Arnold Schwarzenegger's involvement) was to send the T1 back in time to an alternate dimension where Kyle and Sarah lived on. This also meant you could keep the original cast of Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn if it was set in the characters' futures. Unsurprisingly the script never got locked down, and eventually Lin had to get back to work. So he left the project and returned to making Vin Diesel And A Fast Car films over at Universal.

Bullet Dodged.


Corpore Metal

If we're going to even entertain silly ideas in this franchise that should be mercy killed, how about this one:

1) Skynet wins.

2) For many, many centuries, perhaps millions of years, there are no humans at all on Earth.

3) The machines expand through space, perhaps contacting other machines from alien civilizations or from other universe or times in the past or future.

4) Various conflicts arise within the machine civilizations. Skynet's foundational principles get lost in the complications of eons of machine politics.

5) Eventually one faction decides to recreate humans, if only as an experiment.

6) Almost all of human history is lost. Nobody remembers the Pyramids, the Great Wall, Skynet, Sarah Connor, Arnold Schwarzenegger or any of that.

7) Movie starts sometime after point six.

It's basically a completely different story at this point and we only drop in the tiniest of hints about where everything came from.