Terminator 4 Will Be Like The Matrix Sequels

Like the Matrix sequels, Terminator 4 will leave behind the original movie's weird mixture of present-day action with futuristic intrigue. Instead, it'll be set entirely in the land of machines, designer Miles Teves said in an interview with Fanboy Confidential. But the Terminators in the new movie will be older versions (because these are among the first Terminators). There was also brief discussion of a new type of endo-skeleton super-Terminator. Teves promises, "a lot of tanks and vehicles [and] weird machines." Interview highlights below the jump.

On Christian Bale Playing Second Fiddle to Sam Worthington

"It's very different. It will probably be the most different film of the [movies]. When I left the script was in a complete state of flux. It's very different from the first three films because the first three are essentially these hard driving chase films where you've this unstoppable force pursuing the hero....I can't give away the plot..but this is dramatically different in its structure and its characters. It's sort of the John Connor story, but strangely enough John Connor was not the main character. There is another guy who is the main protagonist of the film."


On Creating Antique Terminators

"I did a lot of work on the new sort of Terminator... I can't describe without being in breach of contract... But there is a new endo-skeleton-type super Terminator that in a way is actually cruder than any of the ones from any of the other films. This one actually takes place before all the other films in a weird way. So everything in the film is actually supposed to be cruder technology than we see even in the first Terminator film. But we know how that works. Have you seen the design for the Enterprise in new J.J. Abrams' film? They do the same god damn thing every time. They go more futuristic when they are supposed to go more retro. And I don't know what to expect from T4. But there will be lots of hardware and cool toys to be sold.

[Fanboy Confidential via http://www.slashfilm.com/2008/05/15/new-terminators-look-retro-in-terminator-4/]

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