Terminator 4 Takes A Turn For The Weird

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Welcome back to our spoiler fest. A set report from the new Terminator movie mentions a very weird plot twist. Also, the American Life On Mars remake released a ton of official info about the new show, and how it's going to rework the British cult hit. There are some new details about Star Wars: Clone Wars and Friday's new X-Files movie. Plus a ton of details, including two script pages, from an upcoming episode of spy-nerd show Chuck. Plus new spoilers for Heroes, Sarah Jane Adventures, Eleventh Hour, Knight Rider, Caprica and Smallville. Which of those TV shows features characters named "Bikini Girl" and "Lap Dancer"? It's a spoiler!

Terminator Salvation:

Some new set pics from Terminator 4 reveal a shocking truth: at some point before Skynet destroys the world, gas prices will drop down to $1.35 a gallon again! No way! Also, according to eyewitnesses there'll be a scene where a helicopter crashes into a river. And the production has built a giant blue screen out on the soundstage, and has built a "spaceship" out of the back of an 18-wheeler. (Not sure if the spaceship is on the 18-wheeler, or part of the 18-wheeler.) And it looked like the film crew was filming "space scenes" yesterday. (Could this be some kind of flying Skynet vehicle, or an actual spaceship? Or someone dropping acid?) More pics at the link. [Terminator Chronicles]


Star Wars: Clone Wars:

The Anakin we'll see in the animated Clone Wars movie and TV series is definitely not the dark, falling apart mess we see in the third prequel. He's more of a good guy. And the show will deal with questions like whether Count Dooku knows that Palpatine plans to replace him, and whether Dooku has any plans of his own to unseat Palpatine at the top of the Sith heap. Also, Asajj Ventress = teh sex. [IGN]


X-Files: I Want To Believe:

In the X-Files movie, Mulder spends a lot of time chasing Callum Keith Rennie's bad guy through the snow. And Scully has a major scene where she confronts Billy Connolly's psychic priest, Father Joe. And yes, the relationship between Mulder and Scully "anchors" the film. [Sci Fi Wire]



On the Battlestar Galactica prequel, Magda Apanowicz plays Lacy Rand, the best friend of Zoe Graystone (who becomes the first Cylon after she dies in a terrorist bombing.) Apanowicz says she has lots of scenes with Zoe and Zoe's suicide-bomber boyfriend. And she has lots of scenes, interestingly, with Zoe's father Daniel Graystone. And according to IMDB, the Caprica pilot includes characters called "bikini girl" and "lap dancer," just in case you thought the show frequently described as "Dynasty in space" wasn't going to have enough sauciness. [Pittsburgh Live and IMDB]


Also, Caprica will ask questions about terrorism and how far society can go in curbing civil liberties to protect itself. (Presumably because of Zoe's boyfriend blowing himself up good.) And all the ethical questions that come out of creating a new life-form, says creator Ronald D. Moore. [Sci Fi Wire]


In the seventh episode of Chuck season two, Emmett busts Morgan the lovable nerd for using the Buy More superstore's home theater department for after-hours fraternizing with his fellow employees. Meanwhile, Chuck and his pals manage to steal a list of Fulcrum's double agents within the NSA. But Fulcrum wants to get the list back before Agent Casey (Adam Baldwin!!!) can look at it. So a Fulcrum agent named Winterbourne kidnaps Jill and holds her hostage at the Museum of Natural History, causing some prehistoric damage. [Chuck TV]


And SpoilerTV has a snippet from the script for that episode, that was released as a casting side. Chuck is in a hotel lobby with Casey, who's posing as a bellboy named Paco, and Sarah. Casey is annoyed because Chuck is talking endlessly on the phone with his vegetarian friend Jill about different restaurants she could order delivery from. Two other bellboys speculate on how much a night with Sarah costs. Then Casey sneaks up and patches into the hotel security cameras. The FBI has Guy's hotel room on lockdown, but Casey doesn't want to ask permission before breaking in to it.

Later, Chuck's phone rings (with the Mexican hat dance tune) at an inopportune moment, and Casey glares at him. Chuck ducks behind the hotel bar and spots a wooden box that triggers his mental spy database. He realizes it's from an Afghan arms trader, and it's what they're looking for. Meanwhile, FBI agents are guarding Guy's suite and talking about whether it's okay to punch someone at a wedding. Winterbourne shows up in a black suit, and it turns out the FBI agents are his pals. But he still takes them out stealthily with a silenced gun. Seeing that Winterbourne has made his move, Casey and the gang make theirs. They hoist Chuck into the air vent, as Winterbourne drags the two FBI agent bodies into the hotel room. [Spoiler TV]


They run into Winterbourne, the bad guy, and he turns out to be their friend.

Sarah Jane Adventures:

Two episode titles from the kid-friendly Doctor Who spinoff have leaked out, thanks to a book distributor that is pimping tie-in novelizations: "The Last Sontaran" and "Day Of The Clown." Oh dear. [TARDIS Base]



When Hiro starts tangling with the Speedster aka Daphne, he will actually refer to her as his "nemesis" every time he sees her. And we'll see Future Hiro again, but it won't be the same Future Hiro as in season one, because the Peter-related disaster was averted. So it'll be a different version of Future Hiro. And Hiro and Ando will be spending lots of time together again. [Sci Fi Wire]


Life On Mars:

It sounds like the American version of time-travel cop show Life On Mars won't tweak its pilot episode too massively in the total reshoot that's going on. A casting call for Colin Raimes, the suspected serial killer, includes a new plot synopsis as well as a description of Colin. The main difference is, now it sounds as though Colin actually is the killer instead of just the killer's disturbed neighbor:

When his police partner and girlfriend, MAYA DANIELS, is taken hostage by a serial slayer, homicide detective Sam Tyler rushes to the rescue. En route, however, he is hit by a car — an accident that somehow vaults him back in time to the year 1973. Still a cop, Sam is dismissed as a nutjob by his new colleagues in 1973, who find Sam's claims of coming from the future nothing less than insane. Disoriented and lost, Sam puts his own feelings aside to focus on a 1973 serial killer case that bears bizarre parallels to his investigation in 2008. But as he searches for the killer, he must also solve the mystery of his apparent time travel. Is he lingering in a coma in the present day, or has he been actually, physically transported back in time for a purpose that, so far, eludes his understanding? Stranded in the past, Sam fears that, for Maya, at the mercy of maniac, time may be running out...

[ COLIN RAIMES ] A CREEPY-LOOKING, STRANGELY PALE MAN IN HIS 30s, this suspected serial slayer seems to have an airtight alibi. However, just when Sam realizes that Colin is actually the killer in question, Colin has already snatched Maya as his latest victim...


[Spoiler TV]

And a new description of the American Mars, released for Comic-Con, also gives some clues about what tack they're going to be taking. Again, not terribly different from the British version:

When Sam finds himself in 1973, it's like he's on a different planet. It's the Wild West: uncontrollable criminals and police on the take… Forced to use a different moral code and without hi-tech crime fighting techniques, Sam clashes with his new boss at the 125th Precinct, the irascible Lieutenant Gene Hunt, who would rather use his fists than his brain to solve a crime. Hunt, who has earned the adoration of the men under him, does his best to hide his humanity behind a gruff exterior and great gut instincts, in contrast to Sam's more politically correct cutting edge style. But the two begrudgingly combine to make a powerful team — whether they like it or not. Detective Ray Carling (Michael Imperioli) is a big, mean guy in a street-fight with life. Ray may be a rough, tough sexist, but when the chips are down, he's a handy guy to have in your corner. Until Sam came along, Ray was the golden boy of the force and Gene's go-to guy. It's the man's man against Sam's charming wit, charisma and eerie futuristic knowledge of not just police procedure — but the whole culture — that puts them toe-to-toe in this face-off for Gene's approval.


Eleventh Hour:

The other remake of a short-lived British show will focus on actual present-day science crimes. In the pilot, a father attempts to clone his young son. Later episodes deal with genetically engineered crops, cryogenic preservation, and a cancer cure that has gone awry and is being used for nefarious purposes. [Sci Fi Wire]


Knight Rider:

There are some "complexities" in the personality of KITT the supercar, and some secrets about KITT that will be revealed. And secrets of Mike's past will also be revealed, says Charles Graiman actor Bruce Davidson. [TV Guide, via Spoiler TV]



In the fourth episode of the new Smallville season (the one featuring Clark's crazy stalker named Melissa, who used to be called Maxima), Jimmy and Clark both find out about the letter Chloe wrote to Clark way back in the episode "Fever." [SpoilerGeeks]


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