Just when we thought we knew what Terminator Salvation was about, McG decided to delve further into the movie's themes. Talking to MTV, the director dropped a huge hint about the movie's ultimate point, which could make secular viewers somewhat, er... cross. The crux of it is that the film may have you exclaiming "Jesus!" as it invokes a particular religious tradition. Can you guess which one? But hey, don't crucify McG until you read the details, with possible spoilers, below the fold.


Says McG, the word "Salvation" in his movie's title is a major clue to the film's ultimate point. Humans have "sinned" by creating the machines, which ultimately destroyed most of the human race. "Even though we may sin, ultimately we deserve a second chance," says McG. More specifically, the word "Salvation" refers, in particular, to the actions of one character, who must make a major sacrifice for the good of the many. But McG wouldn't say who this sacrificial lamb is. Gosh, it's a bit of a mystery, isn't it? It's not as if the movie has a character whose initials are J.C. or anything. Or who's growing a Messianic beard for the filming. I really can't think who our self-sacrificing character might be. [MTV Movies]