Terminator 2 reenacted entirely with lines from Shakespeare

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Terminator 2 and William Shakespeare: What could be better? This trailer for the stage production Terminator the Second shows us what happens when you blend robots from the future with the Bard.


More than two years ago, Nashville performance collective Husky Jackal Theater launched a Kickstarter campaign to perform and film their parody performance. The play uses only lines from Shakespeare, although proper nouns, pronouns, and verb tenses have been changed in order to tell this chapter in the saga of Sarah and John Connor. The play debuted on stage at the Nashville School of the Arts in October 2011, and currently a DVD of the performance is in post-production. The film of the performance, with a soundtrack by the Protomen, will be available for download on November 1st.

William Shakespeare Presents Terminator the Second [via Kuriositas]



I'm highly supportive of theater being creative, but at the same time I feel torn. Anything modern mixed with Shakespeare feels slightly uncanny valley to me. I saw a book for William Shakespeare's Star Wars and wondered if it would work being such a departure from our everyday world. I realize they've created the play as a parody though, so it will probably work allot better than other serious productions set in our time.

Here's an image of the book for reference.